Code of Conduct

The following are the code of conducts of the members framed by the Executive Committee and approved
by the Members at the General Meeting held in December, 1997.

  1. A Member shall not indulge in unfair competition or unfair means to attract clients away from another Member. The matter relating to un¬fair will be decided by the concerned Committee.
  2. A member shall not do business for a client with whom another Member of the Association has outstanding dues. However, a member can take up such business from another Member provided the former gives a written undertaking to the later that he will clear the outstanding dues within 90 days from the date of transfer of the job. In case of failure to do so, he shall discontinue such business and refer the mat¬ter to the Association.
  3. No employee of any Member firm should be employed by any other Member firm without obtaining a "no objection" certificate from the original employer.
  4. No Member shall permit his licence to be used by another person for transaction of his business and should not Part with his business on the strength of the CHA licence.

About Us

The world is a single village on our palm. It is the advanced communication that has made this happen. Calcutta Customs House Agents' Association is an apex body of the authorized agents of Kolkata Customs, those are engaged in clearing and forwarding freight at the Airport and Seaports of West Bengal.

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